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Installing ConversionRuler

We want to make installation of ConversionRuler as simple as possible for you.

As part of every ConversionRuler subscription, we will set up and instrument your site as a complimentary part of each Site added to your ConversionRuler subscription.

This is a complimentary aspect of our service which only applies to the initial installation and instrumentation and not to changes after the initial installation and instrumentation.

We can work with any web technology to install your tracking snippets; as long as you can grant us access to it.

Instrumentation Specification

For each distinct action you wish to track, you will need to give us:

  • The exact URL of the page where the action starts
  • The exact URL (or a sample URL) of the thank you page (if the URL changes)
  • The action name you wish to track
  • Any additional data you wish to track (email address, phone number, etc.)
  • The moment at which you wish to track the action (e.g. on button press, etc.)

You may deliver this to us via email, or via a document format of your choosing.

We will instrument your site in such a way that web pages or URLs which appear to be different for each user will be handled in such a way that they are recorded correctly.

Instrumentation Checklist

Before supplying us with your instrumentation specification, you should:

  1. Ensure the base Tracking Snippet is installed on every page on the site where you wish to track your actions
  2. Ensure that every URL supplied (form pages and thank you pages) contains the tracking snippet
  3. Your pages are complete and accurate

You can use the Snippet Watch Mode on the above pages to ensure the tracking code is installed.

Instrumentation Policies

Our free instrumentation policies are intended to get your site running and operating smoothly with the least amount of friction. However, it is not intended to be a long-term maintenance plan for your site; but rather as a means to get tracking working quickly when adding new sites.

The policies around the instrumentation are as follows:

  • We will review your instrumentation specification within 24 hours (during business hours) of receipt to ensure that
    • All pages have the tracking snippet installed
    • All pages can be loaded
    • There are no technical issues with instrumentation of your site
  • From your initial complete instrumentation specification, we will make modifications or changes to your initial instrumentation for a period of 30 calendar days.
  • After the 30 calendar days have expired, additional changes to your tracking will be referred to a consulting contract.

Installation Articles

The complete list of articles about installation of ConversionRuler on your site are shown below.