Why should I use the new tracking parameters in my URLs?

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The legacy tracking parameters c1, source, and kw are deprecated in ConversionRuler. Their use is discouraged and can be configured on a per-site basis. This is only available to accounts created prior to 2009.

As online tracking has become more and more prevalent, many different sites have started to use the source parameter more commonly as a way of tracking their own traffic.

In order to best serve our clients and to provide the most accurate tracking possible, we have changed our tracking parameters to use terms which are much less commonly used, typically prefixing each query string variable with the term "cr" in lowercase.

Because various search engines and search programs use the source parameter, we have deprecated its use in ConversionRuler.

Because c1 and kw are short and also relatively common, we have deprecated their use as well.

This setting is configurable on a per-site basis, and by default older sites (prior to 2009) have this option turned on.

All new sites will have this option turned off by default.