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ConversionRuler was designed to work with virtually any shopping cart on the Internet.

Qualifying Questions

  1. Can you modify what appears on your order confirmation page?
  2. Do the order amount and order number appear on your order confirmation page? (Or Thank you page?)

The answer to the above questions must be Yes for you to be able to track order amounts.

Server Technologies

Most web sites run software which makes them dynamic. Examples of web server technologies are:

  • PHP (PHP: Hypertext Processor) found at
  • Python language
  • Go
  • ASP (Active Server Pages, a technology from Microsoft which may be written in a variety of languages, such as Visual Basic, .NET, or C#.
  • Java from Sun Microsystems
  • Perl (an open source language running on all platforms)
  • CGI (Common Gateway Interface: Can be any of the above languages as well)
  • ... and many, many more

How to get it working

ConversionRuler has a redesigned installation page which makes integrating with your shopping cart and server technology much, much easier.

To record order amounts, you must have a Conversion Action which will be used to track your order amounts. By default, all new sites have this defined as part of the default conversion actions.

Visit the installation page by logging into your ConversionRuler account, and visiting the Tracking Snippet Installation page.

Scroll down, and open up the page section titled "Conversion Action Snippets", then "Orders". You will see a section which appears like this:


ConversionRuler automatically understands most Server-side Markup and will correctly implement server-side markup, such as:

  • PHP: <?php echo $variableName; ?>
  • ASP and Java: <%= variableName %>

In addition, the checkbox Javascript code? is meant to be used if you do not want the variables you enter to be quoted in the generated JavaScript.

The installation tool should be sufficient for most purposes. If you require finer-grained control, or need to understand the interface further, visit Tracking Order Amounts: Advanced.