Snippet Watch Mode

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Snippet Watch mode allows site owners to actively check and "watch" ConversionRuler tracking directly on the site in question.

To enable Snippet Watch Mode, visit the installation page and look for the text next to the "Tracking Snippet":


To enable/disable, click the Toggle link. Before you begin, please consider that Snippet Watch Mode:

  • Is enabled for one hour, after which it will be automatically disabled.
  • Is enabled for all ConversionRuler sites (including ones outside your account) when enabled
  • Is enabled for just the web browser you are currently using. You must enable the watch mode for other web browsers if necessary.

The following information will be exposed from your site:

  • The landing level names you have assigned
  • The action label names you have assigned

Typically the landing is shown first at the top (if no landing is detected, then Organic Landing is displayed). Any actions thereafter are also displayed beneath the initial action.