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Tracking Parameters are special terms added to an URL's Query String or Fragment in order to definitively categorize the Source of traffic. It is a synonym for Landing Parameters which categorize your landings based on the source of the traffic.

ConversionRuler uses the following tracking parameters to track and categorize your campaigns:

  • crcategory
  • crsource
  • crcampaign
  • crkeyword

And an example:

There are many different ways to categorize your inbound links, depending on your preference.

Adding tracking parameters to your URLs is considered best practices for setting up Marketing Campaigns because it does not rely on a web browser sending a Referrer to your web site to determine the origin of the traffic.

In addition, tracking parameters can add additional information about a marketing campaign, such as:

  • The specific advertisement displayed
  • The specific part of the page where the ad was clicked (header/footer)
  • The version of the ad copy in the advertisement
  • A/B Split Testing

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