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ConversionRuler allows you to specify your own, private branded, landing parameters on a per-site basis. They can also be used to integrate your existing clients alternate proprietary tracking tags and migrate it easily to ConversionRuler.

When the private branded landing parameters are found in a page's URL query string, it is recorded as part of a ConversionRuler landing.

IMPORTANT: To be considered a landing by ConversionRuler, a Landing URL must contain at a minimum a term at the Category level (Level 1) or the Source level (Level 2).

For private branded landings parameters

If your company is called ROI Wizards you could create custom landing parameters for your clients which reflect your company name, e.g.

You can use the term wizsource, wizcampaign, and wizcategory in your landing URLs.

For migrating existing tags to ConversionRuler

If your client or web site uses a proprietary tracking system, say:

  • term for the keyword (Term bid on)
  • cpn for the campaign (Ad group)
  • engine for the source (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • mtype for the category (Pay per click, Banner, etc.)

You can set up the landing parameters to map to ConversionRuler landing parameters by specifying "term" in the Keyword Parameters, "cpn" for the Campaign Parameters, and son on, on the Edit Site pages.

Choosing landing parameters

Setting up custom landing parameters is an extremely powerful, and thus extremely dangerous customization to your tracking.

If you choose a landing parameter which is not unique to your site, for example, it can produce a lot of unwanted, garbage data. So it is recommended that you choose terms which are relatively unique.

Using terms which are commonly found in search engine URLs (such as "q" or "query") will likely produce much unwanted garbage.

Specifying multiple parameters

If you wish to specify multiple query strings parameters, you should specify them, in order, separated by spaces in the appropriate Landing Parameters field in the Edit Site page.

So, specifying:


Will check, in order for the presence of:

  1. cpn
  2. campaign
  3. campn
  4. crcmpn

In a Landing URL when a visitor visits your site. The first value found is used, and any other values are then ignored. If no values are found, the other configured landing parameters are searched for. If no landing parameters are found at all, then the page view is not considered a landing.