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  • You have internal links on your site which have the Landing Parameters are not being recorded.
  • You'd like that when a user accesses one domain name, it automatically redirects them to a "sourced" version of the same domain name.
  • You can not control all landing pages of a third domain name but want referrals from your own domain name to be tracked


ConversionRuler has a feature which automatically does not record landings from within the same domain name. That is, if my home page contains a landing snippet and is:

And it has a link to

Then the link's landing parameters, which clicked, will be ignored by ConversionRuler.

However, in some rare circumstances, you may not wish to have this ignored. If so, you simply need to place an additional parameter within your query string called "same", e.g.

This will force ConversionRuler to record the source regardless if it comes from the same site.

Note that if a clickthrough URL contains the same parameter and comes from another site, ConversionRuler will record the clickthrough as it usually does, and ignore the same parameter.

In short, adding "&same=1" to the end of your normal clickthrough URL will short-circuit the same-domain name check and will record the clickthrough always.

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