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ConversionRuler is a tracking and reporting service which determines the effectiveness of your web site marketing.

ConversionRuler can save you money by determining what types of marketing are not working.


ConversionRuler is based upon the following concepts:

  • You configure a Site which allows you to separate data from different clients, or distinct businesses.
  • A Landing occurs when a visitor comes to your site from an external source, typically another web site.
  • A Conversion Action is when a visitor to your web site does something you'd like them to do, such as purchase something, sign up for a newsletter, or request a catalog online.

Conversion Actions are also called Most Wanted Responses or MWR for short.


ConversionRuler installation requires some basic knowledge of HTML, and involves pasting a Tracking Snippet on every page of your web site. To install:

  1. Login to your account and visit the Code Generator Page
  2. At the top of the page, Copy and Paste the Tracking Snippet and place on your web site directly before the </body> tag.
  3. Update your live web site with the Tracking Snippet

For more information, review all installation articles.


ConversionRuler is highly configurable to your needs, but behaves in a standard manner with the default settings.


ConversionRuler has the ability to specify Daily Site Triggers to notify you when various conditions are met on your site, related to your current site activity. Read more ...


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