Why do my landing numbers seem low?

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The count of clickthroughs to your site is low compared to that reported by a PPC engine.


It is important to understand that tracking solutions will never match each other identically. Some of the reasons for that should be made clear below.

The goal of any tracking solution is to give consistent benchmark numbers to give information that you can use to understand performance.

First, run our Snippet tester on the pages in question, or use the Bulk Snippet tester on all of your landing pages.

Some issues that may come up are:

The snippet tester will catch the following types of errors:

  • Landing snippet missing (not installed at all)
  • Snippet not formatted correctly
  • Line breaks caused by cut and paste of JavaScript from an email window, i.e. from marketer to developer
  • Snippet not within body tags.
  • Landing page redirects to another page, stripping off our parameters

The following issues may affect clickthrough numbers:

  • Corporate firewalls
  • Some browsers do not accept cookies (assuming Require cookies is configured in your site)
  • Visitor aborts clickthrough before arriving at site. (presses Cancel button in browser.)
  • Exacerbated by slow scripts on page before our script, or your site is down.
  • The site visitor leaves the landing page before tracking code is able to run.
    • Page not fully loaded when the user moves on.
  • The Landing Page has a script error that prevents the code from executing properly.
    • Script errors higher up on the page can cause exection of scripts to stop.

If you need help troubleshooting discrepancies on your site, please contact us.