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Online Marketing is marketing to people using the Internet, or, more specifically, people using Search Engines, Social Networks, Email, or Internet Protocols.

Online Marketing can be broken down based on the type of online marketing.

Common themes in online marketing

(Almost) All forms of online marketing result in a person visiting a web site and performing some sort of Conversion Action. The link (or URL) that leads into a web site is called a Landing URL, and the page that is displayed is called the Landing Page.

In the purest form, online marketing can be boiled down to a few strategies:

  • Paying vendors, such as Search Engines, Social Networks, News sites, or Industry-specific sites to put a link to your site on their site, usually in the form of an advertisement. Visitors to the site click on the link and visit your site.
    • Some sites, called Link Farms take a payment to simply put a permanent link to your site on theirs. Many Search Engines penalize sites which appear on Link Farms, so this practice was popular for a short while.
  • Updating links on Free Sites, Public Forums, blogs
  • Creating a blog or blogs, and writing compelling content about your product or industry.

Marketing using Search Engines

Marketing using Email

  • Viral Marketing is the process of developing some content which has a "hook" or is compelling enough that individuals forward it via email (or through Social Networks) to their friends, colleagues, or peers. Viral Marketing can also be called Viral Email and is one of the least expensive and most effective forms of advertising. However, it is also one of the most difficult to do effectively.
  • Email Marketing consists of two components:

Marketing using Social Networks

Unorthodox forms of Online Marketing