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A ConversionRuler Action is a Conversion Action and consists of the action definition, and instances when your site visitors actually perform these actions.

Action Definition

The definition of a Conversion Action includes configurable settings regarding the action, including:

  • what values should be recorded
  • the labels for the data to be recorded (e.g. Order Amount, Subtotal, Email Address, etc.)
  • how duplicates are handled

Action Instance

The instance of an action is when a particular visitor on your site actually performs an action, whether it be viewing a particular page, signing up for a catalog, clicking an advertisement, or completing an order.

Action Tracking

To track a particular action, you can simply paste a the action's Tracking Snippet on the page where you want an action to be recorded (e.g. the Conversion Action Page). Or, you can track specific actions, such as:

To do so may require some knowledge of JavaScript, or the assistance of MarketRuler Support.

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