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When editing or creating a new Conversion Action, you can configure the following:

  • Name - a short, descriptive name for the action which appears in reports and on the Installation Page
  • Description - For your information only, gives you some place to explain what this conversion action is intended for, what pages it is on, or any information that is important to remember about it.
  • Duplicate handling - determines how multiple actions from a particular user are handled.
  • Minimum time between actions - How to disambiguate actions which occur within a short period of time of each other.
  • Total Labels - Supplying labels here means you wish to track order amounts (or commerce information). This label will be used in reports in a column which totals all of your orders. You can supply any numeric information when recording this action.
    • There are up to four different totals you can specify, such as tax, subtotals, tax information, or any other numerical information which you'd like to submit to ConversionRuler.
  • Reference Labels - Supplying a label here means you wish to track order numbers, or some other text associated with your visitor (such as an email address, etc.). This label will be used in detail reports.
    • There are up to four different reference numbers you can specify, such as order numbers, email addresses, specific information about a visitor, or form information.

Very important

Adding the "Total" or "Reference" labels above does not mean they will be recorded on your conversion action pages. That needs to be configured on the installation page, and then on your web site.