Duplicate handling

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Duplicate handling determines how multiple actions from a particular user are handled. Specifically, you can force a particular action to only be recorded once, and only once per:

The default setting is Record normally, which means record actions using only the Minimum time between actions to avoid recording duplicate, identical actions.

The other settings are:

  • Once per user - Record this action only once per user. If a visitor comes back a single time and the action is recorded again, or 20 times, this action is recorded the first time it occurs, and never again.
  • Once per session - Record this action only once per visit to your site. A session is a visit to your site with 30 minutes of inactivity.

Note that the Once per user and Once per session settings do not examine the actual data being recorded, unlike Minimum time between actions which actually looks at actions and determines if they are similar before discarding duplicates.