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DEPRECATED: This page contains functionality which is no longer available as of September 12, 2018. It will be deleted shortly.

This article explains the Yahoo Tracking? setting when editing your site.

Yahoo Tracking? supports tracking URLs which have alternate Tracking Parameters in them, are are used for Yahoo! Search Marketing.

ConversionRuler maps the following fields:

Landing Depth
n/a crcategory 0 Automatically set to ppc
n/a crsource 1 Automatically set to Yahoo!
ovmtc crcampaign 2 Match type: Standard, Broad
ovkey crkw 3 This is the keyword you are bidding on, it is not the actual query
e.g. dog food, cat food, cat chow
ovraw crsplit 4 The raw search phrase
discount dog food, low-price cat food, cheap cat chow, cheep cat choww

If you supply ConversionRuler tracking parameters in addition to the Yahoo! Search Marketing tracking parameters, then the ConversionRuler parameters have precedence.


Will be classified with a Keyword of "this one".