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This feature is only available in release 1.9.10, released October 2016.

The Unknown actions visible checkbox for a site is only honored when Unknown actions handling is enabled for a site.

When checked, unknown actions which are automatically created by the tracking script are set to be, by default, visible. When unchecked, any unknown action which is encountered by the tracking script is created as, by default, not visible.

Note that this setting only affects unknown actions the first time they are encountered by ConversionRuler. Once an unknown action has been created, you may change the visibility of an action by editing it, and your setting will not be changed by this setting.

Why would I check this option?

For new sites in ConversionRuler, you generally will want to have this checkbox enabled. It simplifies action creation by allowing the tracking scripts (or your developers) to create actions without having access to the administrative interface, and any new actions then added by the tracking scripts (or a developer) will then be displayed in reports and visible to you immediately.

Why would I want to leave this option unchecked?

In some circumstances, such as if your site generates a lot of actions dynamically, you may wish to uncheck this option. New actions which are created by the system will be set to be hidden initially, and will require you to review and enable them manually.

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