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This feature is only available in release 1.9.10, released October 2016.

ConversionRuler supports the ability to create conversion actions directly from JavaScript code, simply by submitting an action from a page on your site. This can often simplify site configuration and facilitate simpler migration to new types of action, by avoiding the need to require sites to register an action's code name prior to its use.

For new sites after this release, this option is, by default, enabled for all new sites added to ConversionRuler. For all sites created prior to the release date this setting is, by default, off.

When this option is checked, it means you wish ConversionRuler to create a conversion action automatically when it encounters one on the site.

How do I submit a conversion action like this?

Simply pass a string parameter to ConversionRuler from the __CR.track call, like so:

(function (w, q) {
  (w[q] = w[q] || []).push(function (cr) {
})(window, '_crq');

When this option is enabled, the above code will create an action with Code "action-name" the first time the action is encountered. Whether this action is initially visible upon creation is related to the Unknown action visible setting. Every subsequent time the action is encountered, it will use the existing conversion action previously created with the same Code name.

Why would I want to enable this option?

  • To determine if any actions are misconfigured, are duplicates, or are misspelled
  • You would want to enable this option if you have complete control over your site and wish to be able to add actions which are dynamically generated by your site itself, or
  • Your sites actions change regularly over time and will allow your developer to define conversion actions directly in the JavaScript code (simplify management of conversion actions), or
  • You are first setting up your site and wish to avoid having to come to ConversionRuler to add new actions to your site's configuration

In short, what this means is that any conversion action submitted to your site will be automatically added to the Conversion action list the first time it is encountered. The distinguishing factor for a conversion action is its Code name which must be unique within your site.

Why would I want to disable this option?

A few reasons you would want to disable this option:

  • Your site conversion actions are correctly configured and there is no need for it
  • Your site is generating a lot of unique conversion actions due to a misconfiguration or other problem with the site setup
  • Someone is attempting to corrupt your data by submitting a lot of unique, junk actions to ConversionRuler
  • Your site generates more than 500 unique conversion actions at any time

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