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ConversionRuler supports EUGDPR via a personalized EUGDPR Privacy Page which allows site visitors to:

  • Review known information about their browsing (Right of access)
  • Request deletion of their information (Right to be forgotten/right of deletion)
  • Choose to opt-out of further tracking (Right to withdraw consent)

In order to support Right to modify, we suggest site owners provide a contact link with their customers to enable them to request modifications to their data.

The site can be found here:

The page appears as follows:

A simple interface to reviewing known information for your site visitors

The buttons on this page perform the following:

  • Download raw data: Displays a dialog where the raw data related to ConversionRuler is available to copy into a file on the visitor's machine.
  • Request deletion: Submits a request to ConversionRuler to delete all tracking information related to this web browser.
  • Opt-out: Submits a request to all tracking sites in ConversionRuler and marks this browser to no longer track in ConversionRuler using a cookie.
  • Opt-in: Submits a request to all tracking sites in ConversionRuler and deletes the opt-out tracking cookie in this browser, enabling tracking.

Linking to the privacy page

ConversionRuler, when consent is granted sets First-party cookies on your site's domain which should be known by the privacy site. Due to the nature of

In order to correctly fetch these values, you should embed a link to the ConversionRuler privacy page on your site's privacy page as follows:

Place a link using an a tag using a special class:

<a href="" class="cr-privacy-link">ConversionRuler Privacy</a>

Your privacy page should also contain the ConversionRuler tracking snippet.

The snippet has a feature which will modify the link above (or any link with a class of cr-privacy-link) and append the correct first-party cookies to the link.

Please note:

  • You should link to the ConversionRuler Privacy page from the same top-level domain where ConversionRuler is installed

The link will pass the correct tracking information to the privacy page so that all data can be retrieved successfully.

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