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IP Address Privacy is a compliance feature of ConversionRuler which supports partial anonymization of visitor information to your site to protect visitor privacy as well as to prevent personally-identifiable information from being associated with a specific visitor.

IP Address Privacy is configured on a per-site basis and changes how IP Addresses are treated when tracked by ConversionRuler.

IP Address Privacy Configuration

To enable IP Address Privacy for your site, check the box on your Site Settings page of your site and press the Save Changes button to save your changes.

Changes take effect immediately.

How IP Address Privacy works

Most IP Addresses are in the form of four octets or numbers between 0 and 255, for example:

A valid IP Address contains four and only four octets.

IP Address Privacy converts the final octet into the number 0 (zero) for all traffic recorded for your site. So using the above IP Addresses as an example, the values would be converted to:

Generally speaking, this changes the IP Address sufficiently so that it can not be used to identify an individual person.

Effect on Geographic Information

In most cases, geographic information related to the anonymized IP Address will be affected, but generally speaking country and domain name information can be considered relatively reliable given the anonymized IP address.

IP Address storage and retention

The ConversionRuler service does receive the IP address of visitors to your website, however, this information is stored in the following manner with the following data retention periods:

  • Web server logs on individual servers (24 hours)
  • Raw statistics logs on individual servers (24 hours)
  • Encrypted archive systems (backup systems) (30 days)

Data is sanitized before being made available to customers of the service, and raw log information (as described above) is available solely to two individual employees of Market Ruler, LLC at any time.

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