How does ConversionRuler determine if actions are unique?

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When actions are submitted to ConversionRuler, we look at the following information:

  • The current user and session
  • The URL of the page where the action occurred
  • The type of action being recorded (e.g. Newsletter, Order, etc.)
  • The values being submitted along with the action (e.g. Order Amount, Order ID, Email address, etc.)

If any of the above items change between two actions, then the action is considered unique and is recorded.

So, for example:

  • An order of $1.00 and an order of $1.01 recorded one second apart are recorded as two actions
  • Two orders for $10.00 with two different order numbers recorded at the same time are recorded as two actions

If all of the above items are identical, then the dates and times of the two actions are compared to determine if a new action should be recorded.

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