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This article explains the Google Tracking? setting when editing your site.

Google Tracking? supports tracking URLs which have alternate Tracking Parameters in them, are are used for Google Analytics or Urchin.

ConversionRuler maps the following fields:

Google Analytics
Landing Depth
utm_medium crcategory 0 ppc, web, banner
utm_source crsource 1 Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MS Advertising
utm_campaign crcampaign 2 AdGroup 3, AdGroup Name, Big Hitters, May 2009 Keywords, Food and Chow
utm_term crkw 3 discount dog food, low-price cat food, low-price cat chow
utm_content crsplit 4 n/a
utm_id crsplit1 5 5124589206728

If you supply ConversionRuler tracking parameters in addition to the Google Analytics tracking parameters, then the ConversionRuler parameters have precedence.


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