FastSpring Cart Installation

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FastSpring integration with Commerce Tracking is relatively straightforward.

Site Configuration


FastSpring requires all snippets to be compatible with XHTML. So at the top of the page, under "Advanced tracking configuration" check the box which says Require XHTML tracking snippets.

Order Tracking

To track orders, configure the snippet first with the following values:

  • Order amount: #{order.subTotal.value}
  • Order reference: #{order.reference}

Once you have made the changes to the Snippet Installation page, open a second web browser window and:

  1. Login to your FastSpring administration site with your administrator account
  2. Click on External Tracking in the Tracking section
  3. Click on Add Custom Tracking Method in the Actions section
  4. Enter `ConversionRuler` for the name, and under URL Type select Free-form XHTML Fragment
  5. In the text are beneath the Free-form XHTML Fragment copy and paste the order tracking snippet
  6. Click Next and then click Save under Actions