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Users in ConversionRuler can be one of two grades:

  • A Professional Subscriber - User can do anything
  • A Guest of a Subscriber - User has permissions set on a site-by-site basis.

Professional User Permissions

The Professional Subscriber is the administrator for an account and has the ability:

  • To create, edit, and delete [[ConversionRuler User|users]
  • To create, edit, and deactivate [[ConversionRuler Site|sites]
  • To 'add, remove, and edit Conversion Actions.
  • To update credit card information, and review credit card status information, and view monthly bill estimtes
  • To modify the private branding settings of the account
  • To access all of the tools in the Setup section
  • To modify and manage the API Access setup

Guest of a Subscriber Permissions

Manage Site Permissions page showing users along the left, and their site permissions as checkboxes

Guests are assigned permissions on a per-site basis, and are managed by any Professional Subscriber for the account they are associated with.

Guests are given access to four sets of functionality per site:

  • Edit - Change the site settings, subscription levels, or any Edit Site settings
  • Install - Access any functionality in the Install tab
  • Report - Generate, view, or delete any report for the sites
  • Actions - Add, remove, and delete Conversion Actions for the site

By checking a checkbox on the Manage Site Actions page, a Professional Subscriber can grant permissions for one or more sites.

A Guest will only see sites to which at least one checkbox is checked in their account.