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The way our service works is that you pay for two aspects:

We charge you for your subscription for the following month. Your first invoice reflects what you will pay for the following month subscription to use our service.

At the end of each month, you pay for the previous month's clickthrough charges. The 2nd invoice you will receive from us will contain clickthrough charges if they exceed 2000 per month.

Your first invoice will always be for just the base fee, and if, for some reason, you were to terminate your account, the last month would be for just clickthrough fees. (No $35.99.)

An example would be:

  1. Customer signs up for a free trial on February 1st
  2. Customer becomes a paying customer during February
  3. March 1st, Customer is billed for $35.99
  4. Month of March customer has 3000 clickthroughs
  5. April 1st, Customer receives a bill for $35.99 + $0.003 * 1000 = $38.99
  6. Customer uses service for 9 months, at 3000 clickthroughs a month
  7. Customer cancels service on November 22nd
  8. Customer receives final invoice on December 1st for $3.00