Why do my conversion action numbers seem low?

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Landing numbers are accurate, but action counts are low. Outline of various problems which may affect why actions recorded are low.


Please verify that you have any of these issues prior to contacting us.

Issues you may find with your action page snippets:

  1. Is the Conversion Action snippet correctly installed? (Use our Snippet Checker to check)
    • There could be a coding error
    • The snippet could be missing
    • Snippet not formatted correctly - insertion of HTML <br> tags on page, or comments wrapped to a single line.
    • Line breaks caused by cut and paste of Javascript from an email program
    • Improper syntax or labeling in the __CR.track() function within the snippet.
    • Is the Action code correct? (Are you recording the wrong action on the page?)
  2. Is the HTML on the page correct? Are there any other Javascript errors on the page?
    • Snippet not within body tags - Code will not behave properly.
    • We recommend placing immediately before the </body> tag.
  3. Cookie issues
    • You should be using the Do not require cookies setting in Edit Site, but if this is off, then the cookie may be deleted by cookie-destroying programs, privacy programs, or by ISP.
    • People can erase their cookies.
    • There is a limit to the number of cookies that a machine will hold. The ConversionRuler cookie won't be held forever. #* Multiple machines - Click through on one machine and order via another. Surf at work, buy from home; email link to spouse, etc. (More common with big ticket or complex purchases.)
    • Channel switching - Use the website, but order by phone.

If you have any further questions, contact us.