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A web form is the interactive aspect of the internet, which allows web site visitors to enter information into fields and send them to a web server for processing.

Web forms are generated using HTML and, sometimes, JavaScript, but the basic format in HTML is:

<form action="page-to-submit-to" method="post">
     <input type="text" name="email" value="" />
     <input type="submit" value="Sign up for our newsletter" />

The form tag delimits the elements on the form, and the input tags specify a place to enter their email address, and a button.

Web forms can contain the following types of elements:

  • Text field (type="text")
  • Password field (type="password")
  • Multiple lines of text (textarea input)
  • Radio buttons (type="radio")
  • Checkboxes (type="checkbox")
  • Buttons (type="button")
  • Submit buttons (type="submit")
  • Drop-down list (select tag)

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