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The tracking snippet is different than a Landing URL:
  • The tracking snippet is HTML code, and is a little program that runs on each of your web pages
  • A Landing URL is a URL, and is used to tag inbound traffic to your site

Installation of the tracking snippet is often as simple as copying and pasting some HTML code onto your web pages.

  1. First, login to your account and visit the ConversionRuler Manage Tab.
  2. Click the link Install tracking snippet.
    • You will see a large grey box containing HTML at the top of the page with the heading Tracking Snippet (All Pages).
  3. Click on the scissors icon Scissors-icon.png to copy the text to the clipboard, or click on the grey box and type Ctrl-C (Windows) or Command-C (Mac OS X)
  4. If your web site contains a Header and Footer, then you simply need Paste the tracking snippet into the footer, and upload it to your live site.
  5. Otherwise, paste the tracking snippet on all pages near the </body> tag on the page.

Important: We can only track traffic to pages where the tracking snippets are installed.