Preserve Cookies between Domains

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Web Browsers are constantly evolving, and privacy and web browsers are changing. When a visitor visits your site, ConversionRuler attempts to identify them uniquely by assigning a User ID using a first-party Cookie.

Due to the nature of how web browser security works, cookie information is not shared between different domains, however, many sites operate across domains where sharing cookies is not possible.

By adding a list of domains to this setting, the Tracking Snippet will automatically link the given domains by appending a user identifier to all links on all pages using a Query String.

This is a dangerous setting which can potentially break your site - proper testing is suggested strongly.

So, for example, if your site runs on the following domains:


Because the domain names do not share a common suffix, you would enter these two domains in the Site Settings under Link domains.

What happens is upon each page load, the Tracking Snippet looks at each <a> tag on the page, and modifies the href attribute to include query string values __cr_user which are used to pass User identity information between the two sites.

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