Passwords Plus Import

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  1. Please note that the Macintosh version of Passwords Plus has a bug with Export on Mac OS X Leopard. If your operating system is older (Tiger, etc.), you will not have this problem.
    • You must upgrade your version of Passwords Plus to at least 1.007. To determine your version, open Passwords Plus and select About Passwords Plus from the Passwords Plus menu. If the version is 1.006 or older, go to DataViz downloads and enter your information in the "Redownload" section to download version 1.007.
    • Your serial number should have been entered automatically in Passwords Plus when you registered.
  2. In Passwords Plus choose Export... from the File menu.
  3. Click OK to the warning that the exported data will not be encrypted
  4. Save the file PassPlus Export.csv to your Desktop
  5. Launch the TextEdit application, and choose Open from the File menu and select the CSV file
  6. With the document open, select Select All from the Edit menu (or Command-A)
  7. With everything selected, select Copy from the Edit menu (or Command-C)
  8. On the Mobile Password Safe page, after you have entered your password, click the Options link and click Import
  9. Paste in your passwords and click Import at the top of the page