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Microsoft Internet Explorer is a web browser which, in 2015, is currently at version 11.

Internet Explorer was Microsoft's foray into the web browser business in 1995, and has since undergone many iterations.

Of particular note:

  • Internet Explorer 6 has been widely criticized for bugs and lack of standards support and has spawned a variety of movements to discontinue its use
  • Internet Explorer 7, and Internet Explorer 8 were better accepted among web developers due to improved standards support
  • Internet Explorer 9 shipped in March 2011, included performance improvements and support for HTML5
  • Internet Explorer 10 shipped in October 2012, included improved CSS3 support and performance improvements
  • Internet Explorer 11 shipped in October 2013, included improved developer tools and removal of many deprecated features
  • Microsoft Edge Is the newest version of Internet Explorer from Microsoft and is the default web browser on modern (2017) Windows operating systems Microsoft Edge on Wikipedia

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