How do I set up link tracking?

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Link tracking works by adding a onclick handler to your link tags.

Your link on your page appears something like this:

<a href="download.pdf">Download our brochure</a>

You will modify this using the Code Generator (link) (preferably), then adding the call to it:

<a href="download.pdf" onclick="return window.__CR ?, 5) : true">Download our brochure</a>

Different Conversion Actions will have a different Action Code in the link (in this case, 5).

For links which already have an onclick attribute in them, it requires some additional programming, but you can usually append the code with ours:

<a href="download.pdf" onclick="genPDFanim(); return window.__CR ?, 5) : true">Download our brochure</a>

Since this delves into the more technical realm, please contact MarketRuler Support if you have any questions.