How do I configure ConversionRuler to work on a site which uses URL Cloaking?

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Your frame-based site contains an outer frame

which contains an inner frame containing a page from:

with the snippet installed on, and the "source" URL parameters are on

The sourced landings on are not being tracked at all.

Why does this not work?

The way that JavaScript and browsers work is that code JavaScript on one domain name (such a the URL in the browser, the page information, etc.) is not accessible from another domain name for security reasons.

It prevents someone from creating a web site which has an outer frame (yours) and an inner frame of a bank (theirs) and letting your outer frame access the details on the bank's pages.

Trust us, it's a good thing.

The reverse is also true - the snippet code on "" can not access the URL in the browser window of "" and therefore can not determine if the page contains our crcat, crsource, or crkw parameters.

To circumvent this security issue, you can take a few actions to remedy this, in order of least to most difficult:

  1. On include a second, invisible frame containing JUST our landing snippet.
    • This will record the landing, and
    • Allow us to track them when they reach any other point on
  2. Change include the content page on the same domain name (
  3. On explicitly pass through the query string using your server-side code (ASP, PHP, Java, etc).

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