Does ConversionRuler work with affiliate sites?

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I'm an affiliate an I want to use ConversionRuler to track my affiliate sales on a third party site.


We can track what you can control.

"Control" means you can modify the HTML page through a text editor or web administrative interface.

We can not pull data from another site that you do not have control over.

  • If you control the clickthrough to the affiliate site, we can track that.
  • If you can install an order confirmation snippet on the Order Confirmation page, we can track that.


  • If you get a list of orders from your affiliate site with a specified ID such as a tag...
  • If you can redirect site visitors to a URL after a sale...
  • If you can modify the HTML on the merchant site...

Then yes, we can track all orders and tie them to your affiliate traffic.

If you have any further questions, contact us.