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ConversionRuler primarily identifies visitors to a web site by setting what is known as a Cookie in a visitor's web browser.

Cookies allow ConversionRuler:

  • to uniquely identify a visitor to a site
  • to match their initial landing to a sale or other action
  • to identify the visitor at a later date when they return to a site

ConversionRuler has support for tracking visitors whose web browsers who block or reject cookies.

To do so, ConversionRuler uses a method for identifying a visitor which is not as reliable as a cookie, but works well most of the time.

In most cases, you should choose Do not require cookies. However, there are a few cases when this is not recommended.

When to choose "Require cookies"

In short: When the javascript installed on your site is not hosted on our servers.

We test for cookie support by first setting a cookie with our JavaScript, then testing if the cookie exists when the page is tracked. Some sites choose to install our JavaScript locally for a variety of reasons, which means this method does not work.

If your site uses a locally-hosted JavaScript file, then select Require cookies.

The snippet would appear on a site like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/cr.js?siteid=XXXX"></script> ...

Essentially, if the domain name is missing in the script tag, then it is locally hosted.

If you use standard ConversionRuler snippets, then choose Do not require cookies.