ConversionRuler is tracking landings, but not orders!

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Some orders are recorded, just not when you test it yourself.

You have installed your order snippet on the order confirmation page, and it has been verified by our staff.


The reason you would see a landing, but no order is that the browser is not accepting cookies for our site. This is one possible reason for this. The landing page records the landing correctly, sets a cookie, but then every subsequent page, the cookie is set to something different.

On the order page, it determines that the user did not land via a sourced URL, and ignores the order as an Unsourced Clickthrough.

Assuming you're using Internet Explorer of some version. try the following:

  • Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options...
  • A properties window will appear. Click on the Privacy tab in the properties window.
  • You should see two sections Settings and Web Sites on this properties page
  • Under Settings, it should state Medium settings. If it doesn't, then click the Default button to reset your privacy settings to what most users have. This section should have a bold word stating Medium after you click the button
  • Under the bottom section of the properties page the section called Web Sites, click the Edit button
  • You should see a second dialog box which has two sections: Address of Web Site and Managed Web Sites.
  • In the Managed Web Sites section, check to see if is listed within this section.
  • Remove it by selecting it and clicking the Remove button.
  • Close this dialog box by clicking OK
  • Close the Internet Options properties dialog box by clicking OK

Try your tests of ConversionRuler again.


  • You are not using Internet Explorer, please let us know what browser you are using and we can guide you through the possible issues
  • The above settings appear as we describe and you can't make any of the changes, let us know