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ConversionRuler pricing is based upon traffic your site sends to our servers; and is generally related directly to the amount of traffic your site gets.

Review current ConversionRuler pricing here.

Pricing computation

For each Site in your account, you are charged a monthly Subscription Charge. This is charged in advance for each month your subscription is active. This is called the Subscription Period.

For each Landing and Conversion Action recorded for your Site, you are charged a fractional transaction fee, which decreases are various thresholds of traffic. This fee is charged at the end of each subscription period. This is called the Traffic Period.

For sites which are activated in the middle of the billing period, the Subscription Charges are pro-rated based on the number of days in the month remaining. Traffic charges are not pro-rated, but rather are computed using the standard formula.

Bills are computed monthly, generally on the day of the month you signed up for your account. If you sign up on the 29th, 30th, or 31st, your bill date is adjusted to the 1st day of the month following the trial period.

Upon your bill date, the total number of Landings and Conversion Actions are computed for your account in the UTC Time Zone, and the current pricing is applied.