ConversionRuler Cancellation Policy

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ConversionRuler Accounts can be cancelled at any time, but the cancellation is effective only on your billing anniversary date - which is monthly.

You are responsible for any Clickthrough charges already incurred on your account through the cancellation date.

Before we are able to process your cancellation, we ask that you remove all ConversionRuler Snippets from your web pages.

If snippets are not removed, a ConversionRuler icon will appear on your sites.

To check which pages of your site contain snippets:

  • Visit the Installed Pages page in your ConversionRuler Account.
  • Review the list. Remove the snippets from the pages listed
  • After a few hours, see which pages still contain snippets, revisit this page, and
  • Click the button at the bottom which states Update list for past 2 hours
  • Repeat the above steps until no snippets are installed on your site

When all snippets are removed, Submit a ticket to our help desk. The ticket should contain:

  • Your account name and website address.
  • Whether or not you have removed all snippets from your site.

We will process your cancellation request accordingly, and inform you when the cancellation has been completed.