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Our company policies come from some fundamental moral rights that we believe as individuals, and as a company.


Feedback about our service

We are a small company and as such we are extremely receptive to customer suggestions, tips, and advice about what types of services to offer, what features to add, and resolving any complaints whatsoever in a short period of time.

We ask that you do your best to communicate with us if you are ever happy, pleased, or interested about some portion of our service, or in some rare cases dissatisfied or you have criticisms of our service. We appreciate and log every single communication with our customers and discuss issues and focus on adding features which, at times, individuals request.

Communication is best done through our Help Desk as this provides a log of the conversation which we can add to our knowledge base, but also makes it easier to communicate technical information.

However, you can always call us at +1 866-622-8636 and dial 0 for support at any time. All of our technical representatives can handle issues with installation, technical support, billing support, or any aspect of your account.

We then promise to do our best to communicate with you in a timely manner, with respect, and with an open mind.

Service uptime and notification

Likewise, while we strive to have 100% service uptime, there are often situations beyond our control which may affect that 100% uptime. If any type of situation ever arises where data loss may occur on your site, we will post these downtimes in our News section of our site as soon as possible.

Bugs and other issues

We also strive to have a 100% bug free service for you. To do this we develop automated tests which test each feature of our service exhaustively on a daily basis, and we do not ship code until all tests have passed with flying colors.

That said, with the evolution of a service, changes to web browsers, new web technology, and the number of web sites out there on the internet, on occasion bugs are introduced. When bugs occur, we will notify all users who are affected by the bug as soon as we can, (either directly or via our News section) and we will post a fix to the bug as soon as possible as well. Typically this is within minutes of being reported, if possible, and worst case it is within 24 hours if it is a more complex issue.


Who owns your data?

In short: If you are paying us to use our services, that data is yours. You can download your data to your own systems at any time.

Privacy of your data

You trust us with your web site traffic data, and therefore you should trust that we will not abuse that data, sell it, or use it in any way without your permission or without your knowledge. You are paying us a fee to use our data gathering and reporting service and for that fee you get the knowledge that the data is yours and can be perused, analyzed, and downloaded from our service at any time during your subscription.

We do not use your information to charge you more money for our services, and we do not sell your traffic data to improve our bottom line.

In some rare circumstances we may use your site data in aggregate with other sites to determine basic usage patterns across the sites in our portfolio. The specific cases where your data is used:

  • Browser usage: We may provide publicly accessible reports about why types of browsers, operating systems, and screen configurations exist on the internet. Consider this something useful for everyone, which reveals nothing about any individual.


We will perform industry best practices when handling your statistical and financial data, including storing data behind a firewall, patching our systems regularly, monitoring our 3rd party software for critical security issues, and performing security audits on our systems on a regular basis.