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__CR.watchers is a member in the ConversionRuler JavaScript Global, and is of type array. It represents a queue of functions to run, intermittently, to check for a condition which may exist on the page. The functions in this queue are run several times a second to monitor the DOM and the page for changes to the page which may represent Conversion Actions.

The passed in watcher function will be called several times a second until the function returns the exact value of false – any other value returned will leave the watcher function in the queue indefinitely, or until the function returns false.

Example usage:

__CR.watchers.push(function (cr) {
  if (document.getElementById('message-sent')) {
    cr.track("newsletter", null,"email"));
    return false;

The signature of the function added to this queue is function (cr) { }, and

The first parameter is the ConversionRuler JavaScript Global (e.g. __CR) and the value for this in the passed-in function is typically set to the browser global object window.

This function should be used when a browser web application or web form modifies the DOM and you need to monitor the DOM for changes.

This function is only available as of September 12, 2018.

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