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Who, What, and Why?

Mobile Password Safe allows you to store your user name and password information, or any private information, on the web safely.

Developed by Market Acumen, Inc. after the iPhone was released and Passwords Plus from DataViz on the Palm Treo was no longer available.

Worried about your data being stored on our systems? Don't: We only have an encrypted version of your data and you hold the only key in your browser.

As long as you enter a reasonably-strong password when you sign up the first time, your data is well encrypted.

So, like, this is free?

Yes, for now. If people start abusing the system or we can't keep up with the data storage needs, that may change. The goal is to add additional services within the ex.to domain name.

Can I depend on my data being available?

With 99.9% uptime of the ROI Tracking service managed by us, you can feel pretty confident that the service will be available when you need your data.


All of your password data is downloaded, encrypted, to your web browser. We don't have a copy of it in plain text.

When you enter your password on the page, it decrypts your data in your web browser only.

When you add new data, it is sent to us already encrypted.

Add SSL to the equation, and the data is encrypted twice if anyone is looking at it.

If you lose your password, then you will lose all of your data in our database. Sorry.

[Mobile Password Safe Security|Detailed security information]


We will not share your email address or any information about you with anyone else without your explicit permission.

We limit the number of times we try to contact you about our service, or new features.

For any issues, please contact MarketRuler Support.


We use the following, open source code: