Server-Side Cookie Generation

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This setting is an administrative setting which should only be enabled in circumstances where corporate proxy servers or firewalls are aggressively caching the Tracking Snippets. Typically, when a visitor is tracked, the Tracking Snippet downloads some JavaScript code which runs on each page to track visitor actions.

When this option is checked, the Tracking Snippet code contains the visitor identity (a large unique number) which is then cached on the client as part of the code, typically for 24 hours. In some cases, some corporate firewalls - ones which aggressively cache our Tracking Snippet code - will present a problem in tracking as multiple users within that organization might be identified as the same visitor.

The main advantage to enabling this option is that for browsers or visitors who clear their cookies; the visitor identity information is retained in the cache. For most private home visitors and devices, it presents an alternative means to identify visitors uniquely and have their identity information persist.

When this feature is disabled, the identity of each visitor is generated per-browser and for web browsers which block or aggressively reject cookies, the session information is more difficult to keep connected.