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Typically, a visitor comes to your site from another domain, e.g.

  1. links to

However, on occasion, you want to track from the same domain name, say, when you drive traffic from a specific landing page which may be arrived at in a non-traditional manner.

For example:

  1. links to

However, in this case, ConversionRuler will not record the 2nd page as a Landing because it originates from the same domain name.

Caveat: Works only when Referrers are reported

Note that this feature only works when the Referrer is reported to ConversionRuler. Many web browsers, firewalls, anti-virus software, and corporate proxy servers block referrers as a primitive security measure.

Without a referrer, the default behavior is to record the landing.

What constitutes the same domain name

For the purposes of ConversionRuler, the a domain name is considered identical if:

  • The "host" portion of the URL matches exactly
  • The "host" portion of the URL matches after removing the "www" prefix

So, and are considered identical.

However, and are not considered identical.

Changing behavior

The default behavior is to not record landings from the same domain.

To modify this behavior, you can edit your Site Settings and check the Landings from same domain checkbox to record landings from the same domain.

You can also change the behavior on a per-link basis, by adding the term same=1 to the landing query string, e.g.

Likewise, if your Site Settings have Landings from the same domain checkbox checked, you can turn off this behavior by adding the term same=0 to the landing query string, e.g.

The above URL would only record landings when they came from external domain names, for example.